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Since I pushed the self-destruct button on my other domain and deleted every toot and information from it, I should probably do another . (or )

Hi, I'm Espen, born and still lives in the nothern part of Norway. I'm linux enthusiast, developer, administrator and a DIY kind of guy when it comes to internet services.

At the dayjob I'm involved in providing providing populated areas with fiberaccess and remote areas with a radio link, and making sure all areas have access to electricity.

When creating my tools, I usually turn to Python but have lately begun to feel that the spirit of Go is very much similar, so I should take a close look when I can find the time. But I'm very much a jack of all trades, goverend by whatever I find interesting at the time. As a result, many things never see the light of day and one project is replaced by another. If it can be done on a computer, chances are I'd like to tinker with it at some point.

I also have a healthy interest for retro technology and hardware, and can often be found trying to get older software to work, and recently got hold of an old C64 and Amiga 600 which require some TLC. I have been following the Demoscene for a long time and am enthusiastic about it, both the old stuff and the new stuff.

I can't draw or make music, so I try persuading the computer to do it for me. Love podcasts that do well-told stories about interesting things or tech, like Radiolab, Reply All or Darknet Diaries. Also a fan of humoristic podcasts like "No Such Thing As A Fish" and "My Dad Wrote A Porno".

When bored or need some private relaxation time, I play videogames.
Also passionate about privacy and encryption. I like the thought of having secure communication cahnnels with people and the theory behind things like web of trust, but find it challenging because most people just don't care.

I could probably list a lot more but this would do.

It is always a pleasure to meet new people, so don't be a stranger.

New tools crunched Still's "Intrinsic Gravity" without any significant issues, so I'll write it down as a huge success.

Debugged multiprocessing race conditions for a good while. Not running at ludicrus speed seems to have solved it for now

After several rounds of generated testfiles and bugfixing, it seems to be capable again.

Massively simplified the tools by moving common code into functions and instead of archiving the master, I'm archiving enough of the pieces to be able to regenerate the master if necessary.

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Started rewriting my video tools for a new workflow. I might come to regret this.

Somehow has managed to break Shotcut since new year, or probably the QT5 dependencies. Compiling git-version from AUR worked as expected.

Discovered what stands for: Fiber Optical System Sale πŸ€”

Transfering 400GB between two systems is amazingly boring when I can only manage about 83 MB/s. Wish I could use HDMI 2.0s 18 Gbit data rate for file transfers.

Videos on are now back to something resembling normality. Videos where my archival copy was damaged and I have to redo the whole thing (065 up to 098 with some exceptions) has been temporarily replaced with a x265 version. Not as good quality but hopefully good enough.

Almost done with phase one of the re-encoding of corrupted videos. 64 videos done and it took 12 days. Now for the harder part where my archive is also corrupt so I need to get a fresh raw 😫

Videos up to though ART-043 at have been replaced with fixed non-corrupted versions.

Phase one of the recode is approx 2/3 done, average encoding time is 5 hours per video.

Another round of encoding are done. Dumping 11 GB of fresh video to

Oh, the iOS connector also functions as a micro-USB connector, so it should cover all three common charging methods

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Got a handy giveaway at work. It's a neck strap for keys and access cards, but the strap itself is an USB cable featuring an USB 2.0 connector in one end and a selectable USB-C or iOS connector in the other, so I always have a handy way to charge the phone. Strap is labeled "foss"


I'm 42, married with one child. I'm doing a PhD in soil microbiology at Melbourne Uni. Trying to teach myself something about linux shell for the purposes of bioinformatics (using QIIME 2) at the moment.

Interested in environmentalism and politics.

I like the idea of an open source alternative to twitter.

One of the systems at work has used a logon with username, password and a TOTP. They recently introduced a self service to reset the password in case you forget it, so now they require me to answer two security questions which will be used when doing the password reset, in addition to the usual TOTP naturally. *sigh*

Wind warning: RED
Icing warning: ORANGE
Avalance warning: YELLOW

Things are about to get interesting again until Saturday

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