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Since I pushed the self-destruct button on my other domain and deleted every toot and information from it, I should probably do another . (or )

Hi, I'm Espen, born and still lives in the nothern part of Norway. I'm linux enthusiast, developer, administrator and a DIY kind of guy when it comes to internet services.

At the dayjob I'm involved in providing providing populated areas with fiberaccess and remote areas with a radio link, and making sure all areas have access to electricity.

When creating my tools, I usually turn to Python but have lately begun to feel that the spirit of Go is very much similar, so I should take a close look when I can find the time. But I'm very much a jack of all trades, goverend by whatever I find interesting at the time. As a result, many things never see the light of day and one project is replaced by another. If it can be done on a computer, chances are I'd like to tinker with it at some point.

I also have a healthy interest for retro technology and hardware, and can often be found trying to get older software to work, and recently got hold of an old C64 and Amiga 600 which require some TLC. I have been following the Demoscene for a long time and am enthusiastic about it, both the old stuff and the new stuff.

I can't draw or make music, so I try persuading the computer to do it for me. Love podcasts that do well-told stories about interesting things or tech, like Radiolab, Reply All or Darknet Diaries. Also a fan of humoristic podcasts like "No Such Thing As A Fish" and "My Dad Wrote A Porno".

When bored or need some private relaxation time, I play videogames.
Also passionate about privacy and encryption. I like the thought of having secure communication cahnnels with people and the theory behind things like web of trust, but find it challenging because most people just don't care.

I could probably list a lot more but this would do.

It is always a pleasure to meet new people, so don't be a stranger.

Decided to play some late night and ended up trying "Far: Lone Sails" because I remembered I got it a while ago and it looked interesting. Late night ended up becoming early morning as I completed it in one sitting, unable to put it down.

I do love these 2,5D "move forward and solve puzzles" kind of games, like that also tells a story without any narrative. I guess Inside, Limbo and Little Nightmares would also be in the same category.

#introductions I'm Leafy, 15, he/him, autistic. I'm a big computer nerd and I love Linux and the FOSS community, I wanna learn programming soon since I don't know much about it yet. I'm a very chill type of guy and I'm willing to make new friends.

Is minimum resolutions on TVs a thing? Or do most just process and fit to screen whatever you give them?

It would have been nice if could be made to sound a little "ding" or something when rendering is complete. Maybe I can find a setting or addon for that somewhere.

Seems like i found a solution. Instead of dealing with quoting the hell out of ffmpegs filtergraph, it was just easier to write the variable to a temp file and use "filter_script".

"Special characters are like violence; If they are not solving your problem, your not using enough."

and yes, it works fine if I just cut and paste it into the command

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Why is it that every damn time i put ffmpeg's -filter:v inside a bash variable, everything grinds to a halt with something like "bad sequence header" error message. Why can't I get this right?

Sad to say the experiment was short lastet. While wayland and gnome worked perfectly, the issue was UI which didn't load anymore, and that is a showstopper in my daily workflow. But I will be aiming to replace my aging with a new fairly soon

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Decided to throw out the nvidia-blob in the kernel and go for nouveau instead. Helloooo .

If you temporarily stop (SIGSTOP) the program at the end of a pipechain, will the rest just wait/suspend until the consuming program is resumed?

Watching the reveal from yesterday and pleased to see the Konami code making its appearance on a t-shirt as well.

Slightly annoyed that there doesn't seem to be any way to reupload/modify an existing video on . At least easily, I assume the old "overwrite old file with new file" trick will work

Sometimes video encoding do some unexpected and seemlingly non-sensical things.Two encodings of the same file where the second encoding was a higher quality
with both higher framerate and bitrate, ended up 25% smaller than the first one. πŸ€”

OMG, am dying!!!

Someone used the bug GitHub refused to fix, that allows you to add a commit to a repo you don’t control... to upload YouTube-dl to the DMCA request repo on GitHub.

cleared 20 gb of videos from my peertube and feel slightly bad about it. They will be reupped at some point

My attempts to find a good way to do AV1 has so far been failures. I attempted to encode videos in 2pass CQ mode this weeked and both SVT-AV1 and Rav1e failed with errors at the last second (obviously, why fail straight away when we can waste 3 hours first)

I guess aomenc' "slow-but-works" method will do for now.

Need a retro-production for tomorrow, any suggestions?

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