Hey guys. When I discovered some time back, it set some thoughts in motion that it might be possible to escape the sometimes horrible video quality on Youtube and do something good with it.

It has taken me ages but I finally have something I am satisfied with, so I'm pleased to introduce, a peertube instance dedicated to computer generated , primarily the .

Oh, and to push the technology a bit, videos will be encoded with AV1 and Opus. This should be fine for most systems but no luck for your shiny Apple-device yet.

First one out is "Kewler & MFX - 1995", because I thought it fit the theme.

Channel is here:

Hope you all like it and let me know what you think.

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@espen i only have an VP9 output. In the end peertube transcode videos in VP9? 🤔

@Sunseille I kind of wish I redrafted this one before it was too late. The first one was indeed in AV1 (before I had to redo it) but the encoding process took about 9 hours per minute of video. So when I factored in longer videos and probably quite a few with higher resolution as well, the release rate would be so slow as to be meaningless. So for the moment, it is VP9 cranked up to max, which is tolorable slow, and Opus for the audio. Sorry about that.

@espen np
I think rav1e has a realtime encoding feature but the quality is not as good as VP9. So yea stick with it :)

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