@Truck On the download issue, I just got this when downloading from Atlas (Best Visual 2020 Laureate) from πŸ™

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@espen yeah. It doesn't.

Now, it DOES use squishy. Which Ferris gave a talk on during Revision. And yes, it's triggering a ton of virus scanner things saying "ermagerd this is using tricks to compress data!" which, yes, it is.

But yeah, that's annoying, and something we're gonna see more of as, well, folks try to save us from things that look like they're "bad" using automated systems.

@Truck Yeah, I had to whitelist it. Of course, false positives in this space is nothing new, but I can see the average user maybe staying away between the browser screaming Danger! and Defender quarantining the file even if you manage to get it downloaded. Just thought I'd mention it in case you are still on the case :)

@espen I am, we are, and - yes, it's... maybe a list is a good idea.

I'll talk about it to the demozoo folks, and to gargaj for pouet.

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