@Truck I was thinking of releasing one of the demoscene documentaries as a kind of special episode to help explain to those unfamiliar with the demoscene what it is all about. I thought the moleman2 docu would do the job but thought I'd check if you you have another suggestion to something with a CC license?

@espen Well, first, ping the folks at moleman, they're good folks (and still in contact with folks... listen CAREFULLY to the soundtrack of Ümlaüt Design's 'Piledriver' (: I missed that, Gargaj pointed it out to me.)

Secondly, link to the current work to get it recognized by UNESCO :

Thirdly, I'd put links to the iso releases on of the Mindcandy DVD's (and blueray, I guess, I have no idea. My volume 3 is on blueray and it's the only blueray I own (: )

@Truck Well the question was more if you thought it was a good one for "beginners" :) I'd prefer one with more of a nordic focus for obvious reasons, and I know of the Assembly produced one but I think it is pretty much all in Finnish.

Unesco could be a nice informationak thing, thanks but I'm not sure how to fit the mindcandy in there. Although I wonder where my vol 1 DVD went. 😀

@espen It is a very good one for beginners.

But then, I would say that.

"Stamps Back" and all that.

Let's put it this way: it has been translated into Japanese by our friend Setsuko, who did visit Assembly (and, I believe, Function...)
She has several interviews with sceners over the years, and is quite good at interviewing as she's a bit outside the 'traditional' western audience (:

I would not use the Yle one, as it is... well...

The one complaint I've heard about the Moleman 2 bit is that it's too Hungarian. (Viznut/PWP said this, and I confronted him with the Yle portion, which is about 12 episodes about 2nd Reality and a passing mention of other groups like TPOLM in one episode. That's _really_ representative of the demoscene, yes, one demo from Finland... nothing else, just that ONE demo. )

So no, I would not use the Yle one. It's not that it's in Finnish, that's fine. It's that it's not representative (:

@espen I think the best way to show the Nordic (and Norwegian) influences on the demoscene is to first show that it's a thing that is from the entire PLANET - but there have been a lot more contributions from Europe, and in particular, NORTHERN Europe.

And you can distinguish various things about the different nordic countries based on their productions - Danish productions are more Danish, Swedish more Swedish, Norwegian more Norwegian, and Finnish more "WHAT DID I JUST SEE WHAT THE"

Of course you do sort of need to have visited or know folks from those regions to get the differences (:

Well ok maybe not the Finnish differences, you can sort of tell Finland is a bit different (:

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