covid19 aerosol transmission 

"A room, a bar and a classroom: how the coronavirus is spread through the air.

Here is an overview of the likelihood of infection in three everyday scenarios, based on the safety measures used and the length of exposure":

covid19 aerosol transmission 

@fribbledom Interesting, that part about the classrooms never struck me. For most of my school life, classroom sessions were 45 minutes and then it was gtfo break time while the room was ventilated by opening pretty much every window possible. Especially during the winter.

covid19 aerosol transmission 


I guess that very much depends on the school system. In some countries teachers have their own room and students come to their room for each session.

In other countries the entire class stays in the same room all day long, and the teachers come and go after each session.

Where I grew up it was the latter , and there was roughly a one minute break between sessions.

covid19 aerosol transmission 

@fribbledom @espen
Query about people educated in the latter style: what did you do for classes that require specialised equipment, such as: chemistry, biology, physics, computer science, secretarial skills, metalwork, woodwork, crafting, ceramics, art, music, sport, dance?


covid19 aerosol transmission 

As mentioned, for me there were expections depending on the activity, so it was not a 100% one room only, but majority of classes were done there. Sometimes the teacher brought with them equipment to be used on trolleys, but larger items had their own specialised rooms.

And perhaps unfortunately since I suck at it, I cannot claim that dancing was one one of the classes taught. Nor am I sure what secretarial skills entail, although I suspect Im ignorant on the subject because all that comes to mind is someone going "he is ready to see you now" or on rare occation activities inappropriate for school. Oh well.


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covid19 aerosol transmission 

@espen @fribbledom
I'm old enough to have gone to school when they still had a room filled with mechanical typewriters. They already had computers though. A PC, a BBC Acorn, and a room filled with Commodore 64s. Later the art room got a BBC Archimedies and the Commodores were replaced with PCs running Windows.

We began to specialise at the 3rd year of that school (I was there for 7 years) and I went down the science route so I don't know what they did in terms of office worker/secretarial training. They had materials for trainng typing, even I had some training on letter writing, MS Word and Excel.

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