Is minimum resolutions on TVs a thing? Or do most just process and fit to screen whatever you give them?

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@FiXato Thanks, I had a suspicion. Although this does seem to apply to input signals, but I wonder if the same applies if I attempt to play a videofile. I think 384ร—288 is the smallest I got at the moment. Guess I have to stuff it on an usb stick and see what happens.

@espen with a bit of luck your screen has an option to disable or limit upscaling, so it doesn't look like utter blocky garbage ;)

@FiXato yeah, perhaps I'm being weird but I'm not fond of taking 384ร—288 resolution video, blowing it up to 1080p and claiming this is now fullhd :)

@espen me neither. And if you do want to go that route, dedicated upscalers such as an #OSSC or #Framemeister likely provide better quality than the built-in ones of the average screen, though they likely require RGB signals, and don't play well with composite.

@FiXato I've stared at the many times :D Pretty sure that has to happen when I get my Amiga up and ready to go. And probably also the companion thingy for S-Video. But getting quality is pricy so it's on the backburner for now.

@espen haha, you're not alone. ;)
I'd definitely want one as well for my MSX, SNES, N64 and similar consoles, as well as my A500s once they've been shipped from .nl to .no.

@espen @FiXato I have 3 of them. They are really good devices.

(I ordered 2, figuring one could be loaned to demoparties, and it has been loaned to a few... and then a friend died who had one and it became mine, as it's an older model without HDMI... and I still have DVI screens.)

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