@espen are the video frames supposed to freeze around https://algorithmic.tv/videos/watch/5cc4e872-89c2-4c35-9e6b-0d9aa3a1f13a?start=54s and later?
Music keeps playing, but the animation gets stuck for a while, before jumping ahead, continuing its animation, and then stalling again. Always at the same spots.

This is on Chrome.

On Firefox the entire video locks up, including audio.
The player indicates it's still downloading, but also that is has plenty of a buffer.

@espen not just that video by the looks of it, so perhaps it's just my setup?

When I have the opportunity, I'll also try watching them on my wife's PC.

@FiXato Not supposed to, no. But I do notice some decoding errors around there for some reason even of running the file locally.

It could be some incompatability between aomenc which I use to encode, and libdav1d which most tools use to decode, but I need to investigate that. The AV1 bitstream is supposed to be stable, so could be bugs

@FiXato This one could be rearing its head, as it is similar to what I get when attempting to decode manually:


"dav1d 0.7.1 - by VideoLAN
Decoded 733/31723 frames (2.3%) - Error decoding frame: Invalid argument"

@FiXato No scratch that, aomdec fails too. I'll try a recode, still got the masters lying around :)

@FiXato Well, seems like I at least have identified the cause, aomenc was running multithreaded but seems like this is still buggy so it generated an invalid bitstream. Disabled it for now. Thanks for reporting it πŸ‘

@espen no problem, glad it got sorted out :)

Could more videos on the instance be affected?

@FiXato Unfortunately more than likely. I'll have to throw together a script to loop though and do a throwaway decode to scan for errors. Not sure how repairable it would be though.

If it's just a single frame I could probably get away with throwing it away on my archival copy and do recodes from that one.

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