Regarding corrupted videofiles on

It's not all doom and gloom fortunately. My archival copy up to ART-065 is encoded with VP9, so I should be able to re-encode from this and don't have to throw out everything. From 065 onwards, AV1 is used so most likely anything damaged will need a re-capture, fortunately not all are corrupt, the damage seems random.


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@espen glad the corruption is limited :)
Is it perhaps something #PeerTube could detect and warn about during conversion / after upload?

@FiXato Not sure. If it were to process the files maybe, I have deliberately turned off transcoding as for my purposes it doesn't make any sense. However, when I used ffmpeg on one of the corrupted files to see what it looked like, I didn't get any warnings from processing, but the resulting file was broken and had big chunks of video missing so obvious decoding errors. Perhaps there are switches to scream more loadly.

The mistake is mostly mine, I should have checked the resulting files more carefully. The only comfort if I have to re-capture is that I'm a lot better at it now than when I started doing this πŸ˜€

@FiXato Well, done with the initial check. Not great results, 067, 070, 080 and 099 are free of corrupted frames, the rest was trashed

@espen ouch... sorry to have been the harbinger of bad news today then :(

@FiXato Absolutely nothing to be sorry about. I'm just glad you caught it and forced me to check. It could have gone a 100 more before this surfaced. But I can put a bandaid on it for now and have something that works, and then slowly replace them with better versions as time goes. It just too bad that does not allow to have different codecs variations of the same video, only resolution. I'd love it if you could switch between a high quality AV1 version and a lets say a "not bad but works on old hardware" X264 version.

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