I can't see posts on the hashtag "tokyocameraclub" because they are in Japanese. I wonder who and what harmful photos in this hashtag are prevented from being viewed.

Lastly I open a profile on a separate page, I notice that sharings a lot of than I see on Mastodon.

I can see Mastodon profiles of people with IDN domains on a separate page, but I can't follow them on Mastodon.
(part 1 due to character limit)

I sent an e-mail to the instance moderation, but I get no answer. They blocks some instances, they blocks non-English sharings in public and they also sends you warning if you share in different languages.

While Mastodon is a form against censorship, closed source code, monopoly on social media, especially when we're talking about censorship on Mastodon right now, how many of us can see the censorship that's being imposed on us on Mastodon? #censorship

@arilogue each instance has its rules which you have agreed to follow when you signed up for an account. If you don't want to abide by them, you are free to run your own instance using any fediverse-compatible software instead of claiming or complaining that you're being censored.

@artfulsodger I know that, but I don't understand the point of blocking something that doesn't harmful. For example, what is shared in this hashtag is neither a criminal element nor anything that could harm anyone. And It's just one example. There's no point in looking for cover for #censorship

@arilogue AFAIK we don’t block any hashtags here on Fosstodon. We definitely don’t block the hashtag you listed above (see attached image).

We’ve blocked instances for a number of reasons. Usually because we’ve had issues with them in the past, like spam bots or numerous users that we feel break our CoC.

The whole English only thing is explained here - https://hub.fosstodon.org/why-fosstodon-is-english-only/


Really? Well, with all right, I'd like to ask you, can you tell me why this difference is happening between the two instances?

@arilogue no idea. I can’t only tell you what I know and that is that we don’t filter on language and the hashtag isn’t restricted.


@kev Then this a bug or not? If it is a bug, two instances must be same. If it's not bug, then you did something without aware and instance filtering some things. In this situation there is only 2 option. @artfulsodger


@arilogue It shouldn't come as a surprise, but every instance does not know about every post made in the fediverse. An instance can only search through posts/hashtags it knows about, and for the instance to know about it, someone on the instance needs to either actively follow the poster or indirectly by following someone who boosts the post.

So, long story short, if you want all the posts with a particular hashtag, either follow every person who posts with the tag, or follow someone else who does and boosts them.

@kev @artfulsodger

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