Any swedes nearby who can confirm whether or not "jordpäron" is a real word for potato, or if austrians are conspiring with the swiss to plant misinformation on the internet?

@zatnosk ground/dirt pear? I guess it'd not be weirder than the #Dutch 'aardappel', which basically translates to ground/dirt apple.

@FiXato the dirt apple is also austrian/swiss/german "erdapfel" and french pomme de terre, so that one I can handle. But why pear? And why swedish when other north germanic languages say kartoffel?


@zatnosk Seems like both ground apples and ground pears have been used in Swedish, perhaps regional differences? Also Tartuffel, which I guess is closely related to Kartoffel. But apple seems to be the most common, even in Norwegian (Jordeple) @FiXato

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