Do you know how difficult it is to search for recordings of the demo "Gnome" by the group "ISO?"

The number of things that come up that are just not at all related to the demo 'Gnome' by 'ISO' are numerous.

(I am not sure enough people have seen this demo.)

@Truck I tried looking for it with their alias Isosilakka instead, but that unfortunately didn't help either.
I wonder if it doesn't yield results because it uses too common words, or just plainly because no recording is currently present online...

@Truck I've found the demo and it runs on my machine, so I can see if I can record it later and upload it. Any recommended PeerTube instances I can join to share it?

I'd upload it to @espen 's, but looks like that one isn't open for registration.

@FiXato @espen yeah I should mention as one of the peertube places that host demos...


But yeah I think that's just Espen's thing. Um, get it to me and I'll get it on (:

@Truck @espen
I'll see if I manage to do it tonight, and then find a place to put the recording :) doubt it'll be big, so I can prob just scp it to my vps till you've grabbed it :)

Is there more to the demo than just the gnome moving about, and screaming when you feed it the wine bottle?

@FiXato @Truck Hey, long time no toot, been kind of busy. I missed this litte convo, busy reorganising and breaking my systems again.

But yeah, is so far a closed system, primarily to avoid mr "random internet guy" to make an account and upload any old junk. But i'd be more than happy to help host any scene videos. Just let me know.

@espen @FiXato It's been... 2020, month 15...

You did catch Revision last weekend, yes?


@Truck @FiXato Yep, well aware it happened and watched bits and pieces, including the meteoriks show. Pity the webpage is not updated yet, it seems.

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