I've been fiddling with my video format for a while, and took the "corrupted archives" incident as an excuse to redo things differently.

While the demos themselves are the same as always, I decided to bake all the text that came with it into the video itself and create a proper end/outro thing.

All of it is still work in progress but I wanted to get some input on what people thought about it, so consider this an early access of some kind. I needed a demo to experiment on as well so enjoy "Call of the Wild" by some mad people. Heia

Finally the video itself is my attempt at a 10-bit video so it might be picky on the mediaplayer/browser you attempt to play it on but should be supported on modern browsers at least.

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none of the browsers on this Android phone supported the embedded video:

  • Fedilab's webview
  • Firefox Focus
  • Chrome
  • Firefox

I had to copy the download URL into VLC for Android to watch it.

I think the text in the overlay at the start could use a bit more padding, so it's as far from the edge at the top as it already is from its left edge.

The scroller at the end could perhaps have a bit larger font and a bit more contrast?
Might also want to prefix your fediverse username with an @ symbol too, as that AFAIK is the standard's format, and makes it look less like an e-mail address.

@FiXato Thank you! Hm, I'm assuming that's the current webm version right? Tested it briefly on my own phone and seems to work fine. Do you use Android 11?

Agree with the padding/symmetry at the start. There's actually space there for one more line but I guess the proper solution would be to make several versions of it depending on how many are necessary.

The end scroller was supposed to have a black background, but the current video looks washed out. I spent hours trying to figure out if it was caused by bad transparancy blending or color conversion, but turns out it is the color on the original background. Doh!

I can try a bigger font, the centering makes it a bit hard to format, think it would look better if it was left-justified?

And the fediverse username, yeah I guess your right. I've always felt that the extra @ in front of, say twitter, was uncessesary. It's like saying my nickname on IRC is @espen, visually correct but not technically ;) But de facto standards are hard to fight.

@espen your nickname is 'espen' on '', but the account name/address is @espen ;)

I was testing it on Android 9. Perhaps not the latest nor greatest, but it's what I have. :)

@FiXato Alright, I give :)

Not the latest and greatest no, but I was unaware that support is this recent. I wonder if 10 works then. πŸ€”

But I'm still fine with it tbh, the peertube version was always about pushing the boundaries of the video tech, because it was impossible elsewhere. I do have plans to make it available to the masses in a "good enough" version, which is partly why I did the layout change.

any way to have it present the download link with the suggestion to open it with vlc or other media player if embedded doesn't work? Perhaps through a (web)intent link?

also, when I get to my home connexion again I'll try with another android 9 phone, and ask @Siiw to try it on her phone, as I believe hers uses A10.

@FiXato I think if I do HLS on peertube instead of webtorrent, then it should be possible. I have been considering it, but hesitant since it works best with the mp4 container format. I'll try it as an experiment though, it does have some advantages

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