About a week ago I decided to get back into and, instead of doing complicated stuff, practice some easy basic modelling and manipulation skills. And what could be more simple than a LEGO brick? It's basically the default cube with a cylinder on top. So I tweaked it into a few different sizes. And finally I started duplicating and building stuff with them.

This is the end result. Apart from the two large ground and sky baseplates, the scene consists of approx 1500 lego bricks of different sizes and colors.

Feedback, boosts, etc are very appreciated.

Oh and by the way, this is not supposed to be a faithful recreation. I'm aware that there are some differences from the inspirational scene. 😉

#ImageDescription: a classic Mario scene of a Goomba, Mario and a red mushroom on a dirt brown surface with a couple of spent coin bricks, regular untouched bricks and two question mark bricks above them, and "ESPEN", a white cloud and two light green and one dark green hill or bushes on a light blue background. The hills/bushes and characters are built up out of vertically (the 'nubs' aimed towards the top) stacked virtual LEGO bricks mounted to the brown surface base plate, whereas the bricks, name and cloud are horizontally (the nubs aimed towards the camera) stacked pieces.

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