I made a little writeup on the image I posted a few days ago made in . Just a bit more detail and showing some of the pieces. Also a proper image description thanks to @FiXato (Let me know if the link is alright)

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love it! :) Nice to read a bit more background on it. What are Cycles and Eevee though?

The use of a vertical backplate for the background was a nice one btw; took me a while at first to notice that.

A couple of typo nitpicks though:

"Then I made [the a] dozen base bricks [bith] single width and double width in lengths up to 8."

(a dozen, both)



"This worked out nicely, but [ment] the questionmark block had to be redone with bricks rotated 90 degrees."


@FiXato Hah, thanks for catching those. I caught some of them myself last night, and fixed in the sources but couldn't be bothered to generate, commit and push a new version. It'll be fixed next round.

Cycles and Eevee are the two main render engines in Blender, there's probably a lot of differences, but the main one is that Cycles is a ray-tracing engine so it generates the image by bouncing light around. Slow but accurate. Eevee is a real-time engine, more like a game engine. Fast and works by approximations. Often good enough though.

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