FLOSS developer intentionally corrupts his libraries and has multiple depending applications print out garbage, stating that "I am no longer going to support Fortune 500s [...] with my free work."


#FLOSS #labor

@fcr If you don't want to support fortune 500s with your free work, don't publish your work under the MIT license

I can't fathom people in this thread are siding with him. This is a breach of trust in the open source world. The updates were purposefully malicious.

He was allegedly also making a bomb and set his house on fire:


@Gargron @fcr yeah, I am not siding with the developer. His actions were shitty.

I am underlining the fact that:
1. Microsoft GitHub will block your account if it doesn't like the changes you make to your own code;
2. AGPL is a way better choice of license if one doesn't want to support Big Tech.


@rysiek @Gargron @fcr

I can't say I'm surprised about nr 1. GitHub, like most of these big companies, have a "We can close your account and remove your content at any time for any reason" in their TOS. The code is still his but GitHub is not obligated to host it.

@espen @Gargron @fcr oh I agree and have recognized that for years.

My feeling, however, is that a lot of people miss that fact. And then act surprised.

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