One thing driving me nuts in currenlly: They issue an extreme wireless emergency alert every single day with yesterdays count of Covid-19 cases and a url for more information.

It drives me up the wall because my phone goes off like a doomsday siren every time I get one of these, I can't find a setting to silence it and I (so far) haven't dared stop my phone receiving warnings in case they suddently send an emergency warning that was .. you know, an emergency.

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@espen Huh, I get the same alerts but my phone doesn't do the siren thing, that would be annoying as hell! Are there settings to change the ringtone for emergency alerts? It's unusual for it to make a siren sound, as far as I can tell from my phone and for phones around me. Or would setting it to vibrate help? Emergency alerts don't override vibrations to sound the text tone, in my experience.

@ljwrites I've tried flipping on the vibrate function, so guess I'll find out tomorrow that means vibrate only or it will be klaxon-time combined with heavy vibration on groin parts. So far the only other setting I have found is to turn it off completely. I might just yolo, figure I can't read the emergency messages anyway and turn the damn system off.

@espen yeah real life and death situations are likely to come with signs in the physical world, too. If there are sirens, klaxons, urgent bullhorn messages, and everyone starts running in the same direction, grab your phone and passport and follow them!

@ljwrites Following people who look like they know where they are going is generally good advice. Although that method nearly got me onto a transfer metro instead of out the exit. But that's part of the adventure 😁

@espen oh yeah, that's a hazard on those stations where you can change to another line lol. Even Koreans get that wrong from time to time (or at least I do...), you're doing great!

@ljwrites oh, lol, yes, following the herd at train stations has certainly gotten me on the wrong train once or twice; fortunately that was back in the Netherlands, so I easily knew how to get back. It's especially happened when I was running late for a connecting train...
That's also caused me to assume there was only one train on the track I usually used, forgetting that it had an A and B subtrack, and that it had two trains on it, with one going in the opposite direction. πŸ˜–
I was glad that mobile internet was already a thing, so I could easily replan on which station I could best transfer to actually get back home. Can't remember if I still had my student public transportation card for free travel, or if I was nervous about getting caught without a valid ticket in the mean time. πŸ˜…
@espen well, sounds like you are practically a native already xD

@FiXato @ljwrites I did my biggest mess-up with trains in the Netherlands actually, by doing nothing. Going through Rotterdam Central to some small local station close by. But what I had failed to get was that at Rotterdam Central the train stopped and split, with one half going to small local stations, the other half traveled onwards to Den Haag. You bet your ass I was
in the "wrong" carriage and ended up confused in Den Haag, lol πŸ˜†

@espen @FiXato omg split tracks are the worst. We have a lot of them here too, and at some stations you have to pay attention to the announcement as the train is coming in--which can be hard for someone in a hurry, or someone who isn't used to the surroundings or the way things work.

@espen apparently at the start of the pandemic they came 3–5 times a day according to, so I guess your pants could've been screaming more frequently than they are now. xD
@ljwrites thanks for sharing your suggestions on how Espen could try to fix it. πŸ’œ

If you use Android, do they show up along with a notification in your notification shade at the top of your screen? If so, you could try long-pressing the notification and hitting the info icon and then go to the Notifications sub-menu for that app's settings that it should open. Maybe there is a specific notification channel for these alerts that you can change the notification sound for?

If that's not an option, and switching to vibrate works, and if they always come in the same time period, you could also try creating a Do Not Disturb profile and have that activate automatically around that period. (Though I would imagine #WEA's are set to break through DND by default...)

@FiXato @ljwrites Problem is that this is not an app, so not possible to adjust the settings. The wireless emergency warning system seems to be built into the OS. It even ignores "Do Not Disturb" settings. But like the description says, an "Extreme threat to life or property alert" is probably something you don't normally want to miss.

Vibration settings experiment failed, it just made the phone vibrate in addition to the klaxons of doom, so I have opted to turn all alerts off.

@espen @FiXato oof! Guess different conventions apply to the alert level, Korean gov't might want to look at harmonizing its alert level with other countries πŸ˜…

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