I tried giving a whirl today, thinking my other computer could run my required tools without all the dual-booting.

It ended in an "Access Denied" failure 🙄

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@espen Could try restarting WSL by running wsl in a powershell or CMD window that has been elevated to run as administrator.

Overall WSL2 works without much issue for me, and it has made development on Windows quite a bit less cumbersome.

@FiXato I got access denied both with normal shell and admin shell, so .. not quite sure what was going on there.

It might be because I'm attempting to install Arch. Perhaps I should try one of the official distributions first and see if they work.

ahh, it's during the distro install still...

@FiXato Yeah, it unpacked the rootfs image, registered with WSL aaand .. that's it. I'll give it another attempt tonight, otherwise its back to the dualboot. I just need it to take on the work that takes hours and sometimes days to complete, so I don't have to worry about losing work if I decide to use the computer for something else for a while :)

@FiXato Messing a bit more, I managed to at least get a more sensible error out of it. "Access Denied" has been replaced with "Fatal: Kernel too old"

I am up to date with 5.10 I think, so maybe insider updates are required to get Arch going

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