I made a little writeup on the image I posted a few days ago made in . Just a bit more detail and showing some of the pieces. Also a proper image description thanks to @FiXato (Let me know if the link is alright)


About a week ago I decided to get back into and, instead of doing complicated stuff, practice some easy basic modelling and manipulation skills. And what could be more simple than a LEGO brick? It's basically the default cube with a cylinder on top. So I tweaked it into a few different sizes. And finally I started duplicating and building stuff with them.

This is the end result. Apart from the two large ground and sky baseplates, the scene consists of approx 1500 lego bricks of different sizes and colors.

Feedback, boosts, etc are very appreciated.

Oh and by the way, this is not supposed to be a faithful recreation. I'm aware that there are some differences from the inspirational scene. πŸ˜‰

It would have been nice if could be made to sound a little "ding" or something when rendering is complete. Maybe I can find a setting or addon for that somewhere.

Sad to say the experiment was short lastet. While wayland and gnome worked perfectly, the issue was UI which didn't load anymore, and that is a showstopper in my daily workflow. But I will be aiming to replace my aging with a new fairly soon

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"Two tori and a cup"

Decided to tweak and update a scene I did almost 3 years ago with some new features.

Another thing made many years ago. Still makes me cringe when I see it but what the hell, sharing it anyways. Was supposed to be some sort of video introduction thingy.

This was a ton of work to get done properly, but kinda happy with the result. Doesn't really show in the video but the background is transparent. Done in with renderengine

Part of a bigger scene I'm working on, any thoughts?

Damnit. cycles rendering 1 frame in slightly over 1 minute, 1440 frames to complete. Guess this one is an allnighter.

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