A PSA regarding algorithmic.tv : After being dormant for some time, I have finally finished re-uploading and made everything available again. Codecs used are back to AV1/OPUS so you need to bring a beefy CPU or some accelerated decoding hardware to do proper playback but the quality should make up for it. If you still want to view them on a hardware challenged system, all are available in x264/AAC at lbry/odysee odysee.com/@DemoART:4

Chrome is now completely choking on downloads from files.scene.org.

Some investigation reveals that files.scene.org is in https, but every mirror it serves is insecure http/ftp so Chrome screams about bloody murder and mixed content, which is now blocked by default instead of just complaining. Perhaps its time to push all the scene.org mirrors over to https?

Also, disabling this flag chrome://flags/#treat-unsafe-downloads-as-active-content will restore functionality for now


Need a retro-production for tomorrow, any suggestions?

Wondering if I should be capturing some oldschool productions, and in that case what. Suggestions?

Third attemt is a charm. This one was a struggle and had several issues. All should be fixed now but resultet in a day delay.

ART-040 - Interceptor by Black Maiden algorithmic.tv/videos/watch/a1

It has taken me a while but finally my instance algorithmic.tv is up to date and in sync to the demoart project. Enjoy if you like these things.

Trying something new, and also one of my top ones, if maybe nostalgic.

This was the one that changed everything, hope I did it justice.

ART-005: Classic - Juice by Psychic Link

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