In case your bored of watch me iterate over the same elg demo over and over again, so am I. I'm feeling confident for the new look now even though there are a lot more to be done, so I finished remaking the first video, 1995. There should be some big issues with this to warrant further work. Of course, scrolltext will always change. So here's a preview of sorts, with any luck this is the final version.
oh, also upgraded

Ive been iterating on this now for a while and feel like things are coming together. Here is the latest version, I think this is v9. If someone bothers to watch it, let me know what you think. Also please note, most of the links are not functioning, getting the video share done is priority one and then I can focus on all the "everything else".

The 5th experiment. It might be just small tweaks at the end of the day but I'm starting to feel I'm getting somewhere and it's more polished somehow.

Anyway, links as usual: &

Another week and more tweaks. Back to "full" version. Happy with the process to create 10-bit files, so back to 8-bit for compatability, at least while alternatives are not ready. This should work fine on most new androids at least.

I think the title and group positions in the beginning should be swapped, but I'll fix it next round.

Links here: &

New upload v3:

Some further experiments on the video format. Bigger fonts on text, both intro and end scroller. Changed how the text is made so easier to thow in a few text formats and fills more of the black area.

Since as far as I can tell people think the demo itself is fine, this time I dropped it and only included the intro and outro bits, since those are the focus at the moment. (or if you prefer to stream directly in a player)

Another experiment, with the same old video. Spent the time creating the build-tools, and bumped the quality bar even higher. This is another vp9/opus but in an mp4 container with HLS on the server. Also, proper black on the end scroller πŸ‘

I've been fiddling with my video format for a while, and took the "corrupted archives" incident as an excuse to redo things differently.

While the demos themselves are the same as always, I decided to bake all the text that came with it into the video itself and create a proper end/outro thing.

All of it is still work in progress but I wanted to get some input on what people thought about it, so consider this an early access of some kind. I needed a demo to experiment on as well so enjoy "Call of the Wild" by some mad people. Heia

Finally the video itself is my attempt at a 10-bit video so it might be picky on the mediaplayer/browser you attempt to play it on but should be supported on modern browsers at least.

A PSA regarding : After being dormant for some time, I have finally finished re-uploading and made everything available again. Codecs used are back to AV1/OPUS so you need to bring a beefy CPU or some accelerated decoding hardware to do proper playback but the quality should make up for it. If you still want to view them on a hardware challenged system, all are available in x264/AAC at lbry/odysee

Chrome is now completely choking on downloads from

Some investigation reveals that is in https, but every mirror it serves is insecure http/ftp so Chrome screams about bloody murder and mixed content, which is now blocked by default instead of just complaining. Perhaps its time to push all the mirrors over to https?

Also, disabling this flag chrome://flags/#treat-unsafe-downloads-as-active-content will restore functionality for now


Wondering if I should be capturing some oldschool productions, and in that case what. Suggestions?

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