While the Mastodon only experiment was fun, I saw no point in sticking to the barricades for much longer. Perhaps at some point a dedicated instance to it have to be set up.

So I have reinstated proper html handling, removed the "HTTP 410 Gone" reponse and once again added the A-record to the DNS.

The speed in which posts are now appearing in the timeline have now increased considerably.

Slight PSA: I have been nagging about and planning to be a bit more serious about it for a while. So to mark the palindrome date (as good a date as any) and as an experiment, all services on fed.im and fed.pm will have ipv4 communication removed in a few hours.

Most of the fediverse will not notice much, with a few notable exceptions.

I encourage you to check if your local fediverse instance has ipv6 enabled, and nag to the admins if not. There is really no excuse in $currentyear

Since it came up this weekend, I've reconfigured my server to use only connectivity.

I'm curious what would happen if I do the same with fed.im, or perhaps partially

I still despair that some of the major players in the does NOT appear to have connectivity

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Now that most of my stuff is nicely organised, it's time to wire all of them up with and hopefull most of the traffic can simply be forwarded instead of passing through the whole NAT kludge.

Been wondering how big part of the fediverse I would be unable to interact with if my instance was only. Turns out a pretty big chunk at least in terms of users, both mastodon.social and mastodon.online are missing AAAA records.

Wouldn't enabling dual stack on these two be a great idea @Gargron?

After several days of messing around, it seems that finally hetzner, proxmox, my vms and have all made peace with each other.

For some reason I really struggle mentally to divide adresses up smaller than a 64 subnet.

Mastodon on fed.im

A private and experimental Mastodon server. This server only accepts IPv6 connections, please pester you local admin if they still do not have IPv6 available.