@Truck @FiXato Yep, well aware it happened and watched bits and pieces, including the meteoriks show. Pity the webpage is not updated yet, it seems.

@FiXato @Truck Hey, long time no toot, been kind of busy. I missed this litte convo, busy reorganising and breaking my systems again.

But yeah, algorithmic.tv is so far a closed system, primarily to avoid mr "random internet guy" to make an account and upload any old junk. But i'd be more than happy to help host any scene videos. Just let me know.

@apLundell TES IV: Oblivion requires you to maintain the sword using consumable repair hammers. So maybe somewhat similar?

@zatnosk Seems like both ground apples and ground pears have been used in Swedish, perhaps regional differences? Also Tartuffel, which I guess is closely related to Kartoffel. But apple seems to be the most common, even in Norwegian (Jordeple) @FiXato

New tools crunched Still's "Intrinsic Gravity" without any significant issues, so I'll write it down as a huge success.

Debugged multiprocessing race conditions for a good while. Not running at ludicrus speed seems to have solved it for now

After several rounds of generated testfiles and bugfixing, it seems to be capable again.

Massively simplified the tools by moving common code into functions and instead of archiving the master, I'm archiving enough of the pieces to be able to regenerate the master if necessary.

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Started rewriting my video tools for a new workflow. I might come to regret this.

@arilogue It shouldn't come as a surprise, but every instance does not know about every post made in the fediverse. An instance can only search through posts/hashtags it knows about, and for the instance to know about it, someone on the instance needs to either actively follow the poster or indirectly by following someone who boosts the post.

So, long story short, if you want all the posts with a particular hashtag, either follow every person who posts with the tag, or follow someone else who does and boosts them.

@kev @artfulsodger

Somehow has managed to break Shotcut since new year, or probably the QT5 dependencies. Compiling git-version from AUR worked as expected.

Discovered what stands for: Fiber Optical System Sale πŸ€”

Transfering 400GB between two systems is amazingly boring when I can only manage about 83 MB/s. Wish I could use HDMI 2.0s 18 Gbit data rate for file transfers.

@FiXato You know what, its time to do another request. Pick one πŸ˜€

@FiXato And a month break should be enough, time to start planning for 101 😁

@FiXato Thanks :) Certainly took a while. At least my tools should be fixed so I can avoid this in the future

Videos on algorithmic.tv are now back to something resembling normality. Videos where my archival copy was damaged and I have to redo the whole thing (065 up to 098 with some exceptions) has been temporarily replaced with a x265 version. Not as good quality but hopefully good enough.

Almost done with phase one of the re-encoding of corrupted videos. 64 videos done and it took 12 days. Now for the harder part where my archive is also corrupt so I need to get a fresh raw 😫

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