I am tempted to skip this one entry of for "use of proprietary software" πŸ€”

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Is there a way for mere mortals to get a hold of a trial of ? I've tried just registering for a trial but but so far they have failed to send me an email. So I'm wondering if I'm forced to explore the more gray areas of the internet for a download link

About a week late, but I finally fixed the issues with my server that messed up the upload. This one turned out massive at 1,1 Gb.

Hi there :mastodon:
I'm Alfredo F, a portuguese design enthusiast, and passionate about the GNU/Linux world. I've been focus on creating wallpapers for both desktop and mobile, as also themes for plank dock.
All my work is created with free and open-source software (FOSS).
Give me a shout out and follow the links πŸ™‚

🌐 my blog:
:paypal: Tip jar:

#MastoArt #Art #Creative #creativetoots #wallpaper #mobile #plank #photography #photo #linux #foss

TFW you mix up the parameters and you crop a movie to the size of 1x2 pixels

@readsteven Oh that is interesting. Thanks. Like I said, if things go exclusive, then they are pushing it too far and I have an issue with them

@readsteven Thats probably why I'm getting confused. Like I said, I don't listen on spotify because I find it more cumbersome, but as far as I have observed, many if not all of the podcasts I listen to are available on spotify, yet all are also available elsewhere. So I have not observed any podcasts that are exclusively available through Spotify. I'm open to the fact that you might have had other experiences and there are indeed shows that are only available though spotify and nowhere else, but as mentioned, that's not my personal experience. They appear more like an aggregator, like iTunes and distribution network.

I was unaware that Tunes only distributed RSS feeds, I was under the impression your could download the actual podcast file from apples systems.

@troubleMoney Ah, but you will notice that pandemics are not among the matters that .. oh wait, it says Health on the bottom of the sign doesn't it?

@Truck Not to worry, just thought I'd mention it πŸ‘

@readsteven There was a time when every podcast wouldn't shut up about how important it was to get stars and comments on iTunes, which is arguably just as much a proprietary platform. Not arguing against you on the importantness of open platforms, but I just see it as one proprietary platform trying to wrestle another one for the spot of top dog. So far, none of the podcasts I listen to seems to have been affected and hopefully none will be exclusive but rather view it as another distribution platform. My podcast app has not yet asked me to log in to spotify.

@Truck Hey, would you mind approving my follow request again? My node has been sort of half working for a while and when I corrected it, I had to refollow everyone, which is weird because everything should be exactly the same.

Damnit, I need to get my hands on MATLAB and it seems like I have to jump through hoops to get it. πŸ˜’

@Nikita It depends on what device you are using, these are reasonable super hq versions that sacrifice some comptability. You might try this link instead: lbry.tv/@DemoART:4

Same videos, but more streaming-compatible. Still better quality than YouTube though, which is the whole point.

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