@Ged Your right, its a modified version of Google's own Youtube app, which is definately not FOSS.

@Gina @scientiac

@jpmens I'd like an explanation for why it's not called DNSS please.

@duckus @FiXato I think FiXato has a point. Not sure exactly when I discovered but pretty sure one of the songs was part of "Here are some songs we think you might like" thingies whichprobably resulted in a few weeks of binging. I didn't really get the connection to other popular culture like until later when I realized I'd heard a few songs before but didn't know who the artist was.

@danslerush Interesting. As if Samsung didn't have enough incentive to push their own SoC

@lilletale Yes, but one small family of squirrels have been sent back across the north sea in a rubber dingy. 😁

Also, the tree to symbolize peace and friendship wasn't very nice looking so they are demanding their money back.

Londoners complaining about the yearly they receive from Norway for Trafalgar Square. πŸ˜†

Telling coworkers yesterday in a meeting that I have resigned my position and will be moving on somewhere else in a few months
time was actually suprisingly difficult.

@person I'm guessing the same reason as why I sometimes end up with the 120 fps version of a video being smaller than the 60 fps version. For some reason the algorighm handles the video more efficiently and is able to achieve a higher compression on it, enough to compensate for the increase in data and then some.

Some may remember me being very satisfied with a cv and job application a few weeks back. It led to an interview and job offer following several days of back and forth negotiating terms. But happy to say that it has been concluded and the result is new opportunities at new $dayjob and a nice payrise.

So long and thanks for all the fish ISP industry and hello health tech industry.
Woop! πŸ₯³

@rysiek @aral At least you got sun for 5 hours, I got approx. 100 minutes :)

I would really want to have something like Pidgin but for the current generation of IM.

That is, a multi-protocol IM that supports Briar, Signal, Wire, Threema, (and some others I don't care about).

A single client to rule them all.

We used to have it with Pidgin for Jabber, ICQ, etc. Why can't we have nice things now?

Late august I ordered a new CPU, the store is STILL waiting for it to be in stock *sigh*

@tomasekeli Valve famously operates at Valve-time, so they are a good match imho

@drq @fribbledom Current npm policy states that:

You can unpublish freely during the first 72 hours after publishing.

After that you can unpublish if all of the following are true:
- no other packages in the npm Public Registry depend on it
- It had less than 300 downloads over the last week
- It has a single owner/maintainer

Failing to meet the conditions will result in unpublishing being refused.

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