Apparently the Norwegian flag is so similar to the Southern Confederate flag that some Americans waste no time to become offended when they see it.

annoys me enourmously. Version 2.5.0 seems to be stuck in "load some of the settings some of the time" mode.

@piks3l "A major player in the start-up scene, and we are only just getting started."


@nyquildotorg I can relate to the spatial memory in a way. Like for instance I would struggle to quickly tell you the digits of my phone number but I know the pattern to numbers to press on a numpad by heart.

@brandon does the more manual way work? i.e
losetup /dev/loop0 ubuntu.iso
mount /dev/loop0 mountpoint

@njoseph_1 I would argue that if your container images are functional to run software and available for download (distributed) then they are distros in their own right. But its perfectly fine to be polydistrous :)

@Truck oh yeah, thats right, they mashed some of the freebsd kernel in there, forgot about that. But Darwin is the kernel right? Isn't that like saying "Debian is based on Linux" ? Not false but also not quite the complete story.

Anyway, the github page says XNU is "X is Not Unix" so I am left wondering if that is X as in "X Window System" or X as in the number 10, or maybe a different X entirely? Apple has always confused the hell out of me.

@Truck I've pretty much always said osx with all the letters. Partly because I've always seen them written together with no space between os and x, and partly because I refused to believe someone could possibly name their os for "os". πŸ˜‹

But if memory serves, it's based on NExTSTEP which is based on (original) BSD + Mach kernel. So I guess at least it has Unix roots.

@art At first I thought "Lol, looks like Mr. Incredible" but studying closer, the resemblance was so striking that now I'm suspecting graphics editing shenanigans instead. πŸ€”

@drq Don't be. It has been scientificly proven that the people with the most birthdays are the ones who live the longest.

Did you know that every tyre comes with a prebuilt GPS chip, so you can be tracked in 5G networks?
If you want to keep your privacy, you have to cut off the little antenna that sticks out.

I am tempted to skip this one entry of for "use of proprietary software" πŸ€”

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Is there a way for mere mortals to get a hold of a trial of ? I've tried just registering for a trial but but so far they have failed to send me an email. So I'm wondering if I'm forced to explore the more gray areas of the internet for a download link

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