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@brandon I'm fine with Mondays. My issue is usually that for whatever reason, if the workweek is to have any unexpected failures that need urgent fixing, it's a safe bet that it occurs Friday afternoon.

Videos up to though ART-043 at have been replaced with fixed non-corrupted versions.

Phase one of the recode is approx 2/3 done, average encoding time is 5 hours per video.

Another round of encoding are done. Dumping 11 GB of fresh video to

@kev Going for #2 because of the mentioned scrollbar on #1. Also agreeing with removing the home link, if I didn't know better I'd probably be clicking your head to get back to the beginning

Oh, the iOS connector also functions as a micro-USB connector, so it should cover all three common charging methods

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Got a handy giveaway at work. It's a neck strap for keys and access cards, but the strap itself is an USB cable featuring an USB 2.0 connector in one end and a selectable USB-C or iOS connector in the other, so I always have a handy way to charge the phone. Strap is labeled "foss"


I'm 42, married with one child. I'm doing a PhD in soil microbiology at Melbourne Uni. Trying to teach myself something about linux shell for the purposes of bioinformatics (using QIIME 2) at the moment.

Interested in environmentalism and politics.

I like the idea of an open source alternative to twitter.

One of the systems at work has used a logon with username, password and a TOTP. They recently introduced a self service to reset the password in case you forget it, so now they require me to answer two security questions which will be used when doing the password reset, in addition to the usual TOTP naturally. *sigh*

Wind warning: RED
Icing warning: ORANGE
Avalance warning: YELLOW

Things are about to get interesting again until Saturday

Would that happen to be the Romwe breach? If so, I got it too and still have no idea what service it is or how come I have ended up having an account there. Interested to hear if you get a reply.


A total of 33 people who received the vaccine has died so far, 13 cases are under investigation. But as you said, all above 80, some over 90 and all frail with underlying conditions. And while they can't rule it out, so far there is no evidence that the vaccine caused the deaths. More information (in Norwegian) here:


Videos ART-001 though ART-017 at have been replaced with fixed non-corrupted versions so these should be properly viewable.

Starting to do a mass-replace on my videos. Getting a video uuid could probably have been somewhat easier, this was a bit of work

@thor I see, replicating changes across devices is usually the problem with keeΓ₯ing everything offline. I use KeePass combined with owncloud at the moment, but have used both google drive, dropbox and others in the past to keep the file up-to-date across devices. But since I trust none of these to be particularly secure, not even my own hosting for unknown bugs and stupid mistakes in configuration, I do use a keyfile in addition to my passphrase and that is not stored anywhere online, but needs to be manually installed on a new device.

@thor I want to add "and definately not one that stores you passwords online in the cloud" but somehow I doubt thats a popular view.

Boring AV1 encoding update 

Encoding is chugging along and some have been completed. Ran a full decode on a few of them and it seems like the corrupted frames have are completely disappeared. Also, running things in parallell seems to have done wonders. Previously after 24 hours, I had completed 2 videos, now I'm approaching the 24 hour mark again and 8 are completed.

SVT-AV1 recently reminded me of why I skipped using it previously. aomenc at least partly works when you learn of its quirks. But since it refuse to multithread and use more cpu cores leaving most of the system idling, then the next best strategy is to process several videos at once. Reworked the script to fork of a new encoder process once it detects some of the old ones have completed.

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