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PΓ₯l Riise hjelper Bent HΓΈie med Γ₯ gi klar beskjed til det Norske folk.

Hey guys. When I discovered some time back, it set some thoughts in motion that it might be possible to escape the sometimes horrible video quality on Youtube and do something good with it.

It has taken me ages but I finally have something I am satisfied with, so I'm pleased to introduce, a peertube instance dedicated to computer generated , primarily the .

Oh, and to push the technology a bit, videos will be encoded with AV1 and Opus. This should be fine for most systems but no luck for your shiny Apple-device yet.

First one out is "Kewler & MFX - 1995", because I thought it fit the theme.

Channel is here:

Hope you all like it and let me know what you think.

If you are going to content warning for nudity "in potentia" you might be bothered to realize that everyone is naked beneath their clothes

TIL that The Prodigy sampled from Nirvana. I was into both bands in a huge way in my youth, but I never realised.

3d printing, patents, covid-19 

Volunteers 3d print valve that keeps COVID-19 patients alive for ~1 EUR, patent-holder sues because they currently charge 11000 EUR for one single valve

Abolish patents.

Did you know Folding@Home has started searching for druggable protein targets on SARS-CoV-2 (virus that causes COVID-19)? Join the effort by downloadig the client from and select "Any disease" in the client configuration.

Whoops. just announced they have decided to close all schools, kindergardens and universities until March 26

Showed daughter that if I take some of her blue playdough and mix it with her yellow playdough, I end up with green playdough. She thought it was an amazing trick.

Finally messed around enough on that I had to publish something. So I thought to resurrect my old blog, text is easy and fast.

Here's the link to the post I made, mostly to get some practical experience: lbry://@DigitalSoup#7/blog-1#1

Synapse Security Release - v1.11.1.
Admins using Single Sign-On to authenticate users should upgrade now. Those not using SSO are unaffected.

I haven't seen the "Free speech flag" used in the wild, but have to admit it is genious.

For some strange reason I felt the need to listen to Arcturus today, after many years. Plesantly surprised to find a few new albums since last time.

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