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@Truck On the download issue, I just got this when downloading from Atlas (Best Visual 2020 Laureate) from πŸ™

Trying something new, and also one of my top ones, if maybe nostalgic.

This was the one that changed everything, hope I did it justice.

ART-005: Classic - Juice by Psychic Link

Since my installation decided to commit termination-by-update and I had to bring the USB recovery stick anyway, I took the oppurtunity to install instead. Now to get everything back the way it was, or maybe even better.

Oops. An update to libffi completely broke my system. Haven't seen kernel panics in a long while, at least not caused by myself. Time to break out the old rescue USB

Tuning in to The Meteoriks 2020. I'm thinking maybe I should do a special on these ...

All this video and audio editing is really eating into my diskspace. Guess it is time to stuff a few more spinning distks of rust inside the main system

It's amazing how many hours you can spend to automate a 5 second task

Extracting a few values from an XML file in Bash had me bring out the regex-fu a bit more than usual

TIL ffmpeg allows you to adjust verbosity on the fly with + and - 🀯

Time to stop procrastinating and start making the next ART entry

If anyone knows where I can download the final version of this as seen on youtube I'd appreciate it.

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Encoding for art-003 for has begun. Changed the production method a bit and this one is a full 1080p resolution so I'm kinda in the dark on how the final product will look. Hopefully it will be done at some point tomorrow.

All the sophisticated video compression in the world and I still end up with a master at 50 GB that needs to be archived

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