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Finally took the time to upgrade to v3.1.3, and cherry-picked some fixes to bugs that annoyed me in the process. Seems like is running on full steam again.

I gave up on the whole separate web domain thing for Mastodon, it worked but there was a degree of mixup between the two and I failed to get why I wanted it in the first place, so I removed it. It kinda gummed up the gears completely in sidekiq, but I found refollowing got things rolling again. So if you just got a follow request from me, now you now why

Dette er viktig journalistikk! Nรธye researchet, etterrettelig og begrunnet prosess og lagt frem pรฅ en forstรฅelig og livsnรฆr mรฅte. Dette er vรฅr tids store spรธrsmรฅl som fรฅr alt for liten oppmerksomhet i pressen. Mer av dette, NRK!

#journalistikk #NRK #personvern #overvรฅkning

I really wish had a button where I could tell it that "The next couple of minutes are really time critical, so no housekeeping of files, no update searching, don't even think about doing anything else that running the currently active software to the best of your ability"

Well, I think I solved the A/V sync issues. The new leader combined with some messing with settings seems to have resolved it to a tolorable degree.

Had some audio/video sync issues lately, so trying something new and assembled my own leader.

"YES! This video is exactly 30 fps! Oh wait no it's 29.97"
Damnit, at least be exact.

@Truck I was thinking of releasing one of the demoscene documentaries as a kind of special episode to help explain to those unfamiliar with the demoscene what it is all about. I thought the moleman2 docu would do the job but thought I'd check if you you have another suggestion to something with a CC license?

Oh crap, just noticed tomorrows planned demo got a messed up video and looks awful. Panic mode!

Disappointment today when the young one wanted to watch TV before bedtime and we discovered every single HDMI input pn the family TV had failed. Seems like a common problem as the internets had information about it, which led to me undressing the TV backplate and us having a 10 minute session with a heatgun. When it came time to power it back on the TV showed signal like nothing had happened and dared me to say otherwise. Only damage was a bit of melted plastic with input labels on it, which I threw away. Mission success.

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