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Third attemt is a charm. This one was a struggle and had several issues. All should be fixed now but resultet in a day delay.

ART-040 - Interceptor by Black Maiden

Well ok, I didn't get quite that far. Managed to get about half a terabyte before I had to start prepping the one for tomorrow

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Doing captures until I run out of space on the capture rig

I wasted about 72 hours on a 5 character typo. I could probably fix it but it would be a kludge so redoing instead

Realized I need something to keep track of my projects, deadlines and stuff so messing around to get Redmine running

Are there really no available hardware that offers to accelerate encoding? Except mobile and intel Cpu? EVE encoder seems to be good but is proprietary :(

Just wasted close to 3 hours rendering time to a typo. Time to trash it all and start again

Video production vacation over, preparing next video

Just a reminder for all sites which use CAPTCHAs.

This one exists and is probably less annoying for your users.

So far so good. "" appears to be a thing. So, er, hello i guess. πŸ˜€

Time to fiddle with Matrix and see if I can make it work

It has taken me a while but finally my instance is up to date and in sync to the demoart project. Enjoy if you like these things.

Apparently the Norwegian flag is so similar to the Southern Confederate flag that some Americans waste no time to become offended when they see it.

annoys me enourmously. Version 2.5.0 seems to be stuck in "load some of the settings some of the time" mode.

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