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truly i am interested in working on a #demo
i figured this out this year, this is what I've always wanted to do but I never knew there was a #demoscene
i used to make animations as a kid, i'm primarily a visual artist, but in the passed 5 years i've branched out into C programming, shaders, and #tracker music
i would ideally like to have a close-knit team of 3 people that would like to switch on projects, where we each get to explore our strengths where we trade tasks in the visual, programming, or music aspects
please #findtheothers and collaborate with me, i'm art starved, i need to create

As a P.S. to the whole "towns named Fucking and Petting relatively near to each other exist": Someone came up with this route adding two more towns...

Once in a while a wild video appears, so instead of steamrolling everything with an encode, I get to practice the concatenation-dance with both the original and my additions. Disassembling everything into small components and then carefully gluing everything back together.

Found on Twitter.

Source :

This is fantastic.

People are confusing 5ghz Wifi channels with the 5G broadband network, so they're buying Faraday cages at sucker prices to put around their routers to block the evil mind-controlling 5G radiation.

With predictable, hilarious results!

Chrome is now completely choking on downloads from

Some investigation reveals that is in https, but every mirror it serves is insecure http/ftp so Chrome screams about bloody murder and mixed content, which is now blocked by default instead of just complaining. Perhaps its time to push all the mirrors over to https?

Also, disabling this flag chrome://flags/#treat-unsafe-downloads-as-active-content will restore functionality for now


Pleased to say that the big video recoding project is almost done. It's hard to resist going back and redoing things when I discover better ways to do them.

Whoops, I accidentely my whole account with a replacement

Played around with and it seems to be working fine.

I haven't been digging though the code yet but where does it fetch the profile picture from? I assume it's from one of the proofs, since I think I read somewhere that stripped out photos from keys.

Decided to play some late night and ended up trying "Far: Lone Sails" because I remembered I got it a while ago and it looked interesting. Late night ended up becoming early morning as I completed it in one sitting, unable to put it down.

I do love these 2,5D "move forward and solve puzzles" kind of games, like that also tells a story without any narrative. I guess Inside, Limbo and Little Nightmares would also be in the same category.

#introductions I'm Leafy, 15, he/him, autistic. I'm a big computer nerd and I love Linux and the FOSS community, I wanna learn programming soon since I don't know much about it yet. I'm a very chill type of guy and I'm willing to make new friends.

Is minimum resolutions on TVs a thing? Or do most just process and fit to screen whatever you give them?

It would have been nice if could be made to sound a little "ding" or something when rendering is complete. Maybe I can find a setting or addon for that somewhere.

Seems like i found a solution. Instead of dealing with quoting the hell out of ffmpegs filtergraph, it was just easier to write the variable to a temp file and use "filter_script".

"Special characters are like violence; If they are not solving your problem, your not using enough."

and yes, it works fine if I just cut and paste it into the command

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Why is it that every damn time i put ffmpeg's -filter:v inside a bash variable, everything grinds to a halt with something like "bad sequence header" error message. Why can't I get this right?

Sad to say the experiment was short lastet. While wayland and gnome worked perfectly, the issue was UI which didn't load anymore, and that is a showstopper in my daily workflow. But I will be aiming to replace my aging with a new fairly soon

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Decided to throw out the nvidia-blob in the kernel and go for nouveau instead. Helloooo .

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