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Videos ART-001 though ART-017 at have been replaced with fixed non-corrupted versions so these should be properly viewable.

Starting to do a mass-replace on my videos. Getting a video uuid could probably have been somewhat easier, this was a bit of work

Boring AV1 encoding update 

Encoding is chugging along and some have been completed. Ran a full decode on a few of them and it seems like the corrupted frames have are completely disappeared. Also, running things in parallell seems to have done wonders. Previously after 24 hours, I had completed 2 videos, now I'm approaching the 24 hour mark again and 8 are completed.

SVT-AV1 recently reminded me of why I skipped using it previously. aomenc at least partly works when you learn of its quirks. But since it refuse to multithread and use more cpu cores leaving most of the system idling, then the next best strategy is to process several videos at once. Reworked the script to fork of a new encoder process once it detects some of the old ones have completed.

24 hours in and I've completed .. one.

Restarting with SVT-AV1 as the encoder to take advantage of better multithreading

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Worked on my video re-encoding script today and got it into shape. Basically adapting the encoding script but its running in a loop and all the interactive bits removed. Its now running to process the first 64 videos.

This ... will probably take a while.πŸ™„


Notice that the news are talking about investigations, domestic terror charges and court martial for people involved. While the current head hochno in the white house doesn't have long time left, I guess he still have an unlimited amount of Full Pardons in his pocket that can be thrown around ..

Regarding corrupted videofiles on

It's not all doom and gloom fortunately. My archival copy up to ART-065 is encoded with VP9, so I should be able to re-encode from this and don't have to throw out everything. From 065 onwards, AV1 is used so most likely anything damaged will need a re-capture, fortunately not all are corrupt, the damage seems random.


PeerTube v3: it’s a live, a liiiiive !

πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ PeerTube v3 is out today!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

On the blog :
➑️ The stages of development
➑️ Peer to peer live streaming
➑️ A behind-the-scenes short film
➑️ What we imagine for the future!

Illus CC-By @davidrevoy

One downside with is that doing any kind of editing beyond minor tweaks of your content can take a looooooooooong time

just randomly started playing "Journey of the Sorcerer" by Eagles and I immediately reacted with "WTF, why is Spotify playing the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy song?"

Finished updating tags and descriptions on That only took hours.

Noticed that I have a copy of Darkwood laying around that I do not need. If anyone is interested in some survival horror, give me a toot and you'll get a link.

A PSA regarding : After being dormant for some time, I have finally finished re-uploading and made everything available again. Codecs used are back to AV1/OPUS so you need to bring a beefy CPU or some accelerated decoding hardware to do proper playback but the quality should make up for it. If you still want to view them on a hardware challenged system, all are available in x264/AAC at lbry/odysee

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