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If I wanted to start dabbling in 3D printing, what would be a good printer to start with? It would likely be shared by me, my father-in-law, and my sister-in-law for trinkets, random around-the-house fixes/doodads, and maybe for casting soap molds.

Well, the it's done, old server has been cancelled and I got until the end of the year. So long and thanks for all the fish

Final workday of the year. And in a building with normally a bit over 100 people working in it, we are now ... two left. The quietness is deafening.

Mastodon instance successfully migrated to another system (it seems like). Things behaved weird for a while but managed to finally track the issue down to a hardcoded IP address in /etc/hosts

When you have triple-checked that you are not having DNS issues, it turns out you are having DNS issues anyway.

At work today, pretty much alone, just waiting for something to happen or EOD so I can go home.

I wish more companies would just say that we are closed during the holidays and perhaps set up a system for people to get in touch if there's really an emergency of some kind

I spoke too soon, it seemed to work fine but failed to update on the host when new files were written to it. Back to the drawing board I guess

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mounting a raw disk as read-only on the host system while it is in active use on the vm feels kind of iffy, but it worked very nicely


This is how I feel every damn time a new vulnerability is discovered. I'm right back where I was, and it's not where I want to be.

Use programming-positive language!

🚫 DON'T say "arbitrary code execution vulnerability"

βœ”οΈ DO say "surprise extension API"

Londoners complaining about the yearly they receive from Norway for Trafalgar Square. πŸ˜†

Telling coworkers yesterday in a meeting that I have resigned my position and will be moving on somewhere else in a few months
time was actually suprisingly difficult.

Some may remember me being very satisfied with a cv and job application a few weeks back. It led to an interview and job offer following several days of back and forth negotiating terms. But happy to say that it has been concluded and the result is new opportunities at new $dayjob and a nice payrise.

So long and thanks for all the fish ISP industry and hello health tech industry.
Woop! πŸ₯³

I would really want to have something like Pidgin but for the current generation of IM.

That is, a multi-protocol IM that supports Briar, Signal, Wire, Threema, (and some others I don't care about).

A single client to rule them all.

We used to have it with Pidgin for Jabber, ICQ, etc. Why can't we have nice things now?

Late august I ordered a new CPU, the store is STILL waiting for it to be in stock *sigh*

Rubber rainwear with a hole in it, meet my little friend .. bicycle tire repair kit.

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