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*Watching the Vega-C launch and nodding knowingly*

Yeah, I've done that manouver a few times in Kerbal Space Program

It's so nice when the guys in the office next to ours finishes early, and when I come out later I find all the lights turned off and all doors locked.

So, thinking more about this, I think I have come up with at least something:

"main": A regular think that goes every week, follows its own rules

Then there's the other release, where maybe I can alternate between something like this:

- C64 top 20
- Meteoriks laureates
- Amiga (OSC/ESC? AGA? Both?) top 20
- Requests

At least this will keep me going for a while :)

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In my mind, a Pull Request is still: "Hey X, work on feature Y is done, pull it from me please"

Oh, and if two per week, which days would be best?

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So I've been thinking about a sort of schedule for DemoARTS.

I'm thinking maybe two a week, one of the regular chain I did previously and one "special/themed" per week.
I did meteoriks last time, and I enjoyed that so want it to continue, I'd like one week to be requests. And then I'm out of ideas. Special themed ones? Feature all releases from one group or scener? Top 3 picks by person X?

Any opinions on what would be interesting/fun?

📦 Hey Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, Fedora and friends! Now you can use our APT and RPM source repositories to get our packages. apt-get install and yum install them all! You can use these repos to install all our tools: glow, soft-serve, wishlist, and so on…

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for listening to my inane drivel. You have made a happy man very old."

~ Billy Connolly

‘Soy sauce’ is a tautology. The word ‘soy’ comes from the Japanese ‘shōyu’ meaning ‘soy sauce’.

I'm having difficulties reading about Leclerc in and NOT think about Monsieur Leclerc from 'Allo 'Allo!

Ok! PROPER URL this time:

#assembly 30 years celebration of the demoscene productions released there, show:

(I was confused because Twitch thinks this is a CS:GO final. It's not a CS:GO final. It's a ... let's not go there right now (: )


Also voting is apparently at .

Also the announcement clip with "plushie truck" :

Hey, are there other support accounts aimed at new users on here? Would be good to give some shoutouts.

The latest one I have noted is @MastOHelp but they haven't posted in a couple of months.

(boosts appreciated)

Does anyone have a media player to recommend that can play the separate audio and video files simultaniously, except VLC?

I had not realized that Norwegian Space Disco is actually a thing

Feeding the DemoARTS machine with more stuff. And realize that a few skills had to be relearned when some prods want to be ... difficult

Right: So... tommorrow at 17:30 Finland/Ukraine time (that is 16:30 .de/.es/.dk/.pl/.hu - central Europe time; 15:30 Lisbon/Cork/Glasgow time; 16:30 Moscow time; "really freaking Early" Chicago time; "Slightly less early" Venezuela time; "VERY freaking late" AdelaIde/NZ/Perth/Sydney/.jp/.ko/.vn/Hawaii/SEA time...

There will be a thing for Assembly, the demoparty here in Finland that turns 30 this year.


And the IMPORTANT part:

You're encouraged to participate. (Voting wise.)

Seriously, please tune in and see what is going on and participate. Yes, even folks who don't have a CLUE what the 'demoscene' is, I'm all for you learning what it is via this.

Yes, boostage allowed/encouraged.

Now, it SHOULD be on the Assembly twitch channel, which is .

(I'm avoiding ANOTHER discussion of the Assembly website right now.)

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